HIV Rash?

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    Hey Guys!
    i’ve always had this type of rash (i have no idea where it comes from) but after i read online that HIV can cause a rash ( i had unprotected sex with someone from tinder a couple weeks ago) i started to freak out everytime i started my arm developing these red spots.

    is this a rash that looks like a HIV rash or am i getting crazy? (Since i already had these type of spots before having sex with the guy)


    HIV among 100 other things. And thereby, you did have this before you did have a risk contact you say yourself. HIV is not very plausible then.
    But in general: If you think you could have a HIV infection, don't search on internet but do a test. This is the only way to get a clearly answer
    By the way, if HIV rash apeares, its al over your body and you do have also other complaints. Swollen lymph nodes by example on several spots in your body.

    If I look in the picture, I see rahs coused by an allergic reaction


    unprotected sex with changing contacts is simply asking for trouble


    Well he was the second guy i slept with, but in his case? I have no idea.

    i indeed had this before (even when i was a virgin), but after reading about it on the internet i freaked out.

    i will be taking a HIV test in 2 months (my doctor told me to wait, it can be negative now and positive in 2 months) but even she said that the change of HIV is really small (and probably unlikely) since i don’t have any other complaints that would link to it.


    I don't know if you live in the Netherlands, but here you can take a trustable test, 4th generation combotest, by 6 weeks after the risk contact.
    it is not realistic to link that to HIV, if you did have the rash also when you were a virgin...


    I do live in the Netherlands. My doctor said the test is only reliable 3 months after having sex? What does a combotest cost? I know that the test you can take after 3 months is a bloodtest that exists out of 3 times €30.


    In a combo test, antigens and antibodies are tested simultaneously. It's also bloodtest. From 6 weeks after the unsave contact this test is reliable for more than 99%.
    The test can be done by GGD. If your age is below 24, the test is in most cases free of charge. Contact your lokal GGD for more information

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