Fout-positief EIA. Amsterdam GGD

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    I am sorry for my english here but I have not mastered dutch this far to elaborate my problem. I hope for you understanding and advice.

    I went to Amsterdam GGD at 7th of may. Results took three weeks to come back. All good. Hiv negative but with remark. "Hiv EIA+, Hiv Blot negative. Could be sign of an acute infection" ).
    Nurse said I have nothing to worry about but after sleepless night I went there next morning. They took rapid test which turned to be negative and another EIA test.
    After few days doctor from GGD called me to bring good news. He said it was just fault positive EIA test which happens quite often.

    Month later at july 17th I went for appointment with the doctor who made a test because I was still worried. Same day I did rapid test in slotervaart ziekenhuis which was also negative.
    Both doctors said I am definitely negative and there is no sense to get tested anymore.
    My risks were quite low (one short heterosexual contact in November 2014 and another one in Jan 2015 - condom broke. I don't know HIV status of the girls but they did not seem suspicious at all)
    I asked my ex and current partners to get tested. They are negative.
    Anyone with similar results from GGD?


    Some EIA screeningstests ocure false-positive due to the presence of antibody's caused by an infection(not HIV related). They disturb the test. If the other results are negative, compared to the risks, there is nothing to worry about. In some cases, if there are doubts, they proceed a confirmation test ( Western Blood test) to exclude a HIV infection. But that depends on the risk-factor.
    You did take another test in July which was negative. So there is no reason to worry about a HIV infection at all.

    English is not my native language. Sorry for language errors in advance....

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